Gradescope & Piazza training sessions

The College of Engineering and LSA along with Gradescope and Piazza have teamed up to offer faculty some training sessions for their respective software.

Gradescope allows you, as an instructor, to create, administer, and grade both low stakes and high stakes assessments. Using Gradescope you can administer assessments both online and via bubble sheets. Instructors Continue Reading »

New features added to the CAEN Lab Software Environment for Linux

In preparation for a new release of the CAEN Lab Software Environment for Linux in Fall 2022, new features have been added to the current environment. These include:

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Gradescope to end support for Essay/Report assignment type in June 2022

After consideration and feedback from the community, Gradescope has determined they will be discontinuing the Essay/Report assignment type as of June 30, 2022. Although Gradescope will not continue to develop or support the Essay/Report assignment type, some of the functionality will still be available for other assignment types. Specifically:

  • Text annotations – Instructors can reuse
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T1V ThinkHub interactive displays available in select Engineering classrooms

In partnership, the University of Michigan College of Engineering’s office of the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education (ADUE), CAEN, CRLT-Engin, and Mosaic have identified the need for classroom technology that integrates the best technological capabilities of remote teaching into the physical classroom, enhancing both remote and in-person instruction. T1V ThinkHubs are sophisticated Continue Reading »