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The Michigan Engineering information technology environment is continually evolving. In order to keep the College of Engineering community informed about what happening on around the network, CAEN regularly posts news articles on this site, as well as urgent notices on the CAEN Service Status page.

Adobe CS6 Software Availability in CAEN Labs

The CS6 (Creative Suite 6) versions of Adobe applications will no longer be available on computers running the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) beginning in the Fall 2017 term.

Due to changes in the licensing structure of Adobe applications, access to Adobe Creative Cloud will be provided, but it will only be available on select CAEN lab computers. The specific locations will be announced and listed here prior to the start of the term.

For the CLSE computers that will no longer run Adobe CS6, the following alternative software titles are being provided:

Adobe CS6 Software Title CLSE 2017 Alternative Software Title
Adobe Photoshop GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
Adobe Illustrator GNU Inkscape
Adobe InDesign GNU Scribus
Adobe Premiere Pro GNU Blender 3D
Adobe Audition GNU Audacity
Adobe FrameMaker GNU Scribus

All of the alternative software titles listed above will available on CAEN Lab and Duderstadt Center computers running the CLSE for Fall 2017.

For all inquiries related to the software described in this article, please contact, or visit the CAEN Hotline in 1315 Duderstadt Center.


Changes to Microsoft Windows 10 environment on CAEN lab computers

Beginning with the Fall 2017 term, students will no longer be assigned a “roaming profile” when using Microsoft Windows 10 on CAEN lab computers. With this change, students should see a more consistent and improved user experience with the Microsoft Windows 10 environment on CAEN lab computers.

After this planned change takes place, students can expect to see the following:

  • Desktop and Documents folders will continue to follow the student from computer-to-computer
  • Applications settings for some applications will no longer follow the student between computers
  • Validation to the CAEN software web page (Cloudpaging) completes more consistently
  • The Windows Start Menu will be customized by CAEN for a better user experience

If you have any questions concerning this change, please Contact CAEN.

New IP address block for MWireless going live July 12, 2017

Due to the continued growth of Wi-Fi across U-M, ITS is adding a= new block of IP address space ( to the MWireless network. The addition of new IP address space will help ensure the availability of MWireless across campus as use of Wi-Fi continues to grow.

On July 12, ITS will be implementing the network as part of the MWireless service. First phase of the implementation is to enable the new network within ITS MWireless networks.

On July 19, the second and final phase is to make the network available to the greater MWireless service. For those who may be filtering access to resources by IP addresses used by MWireless, you will need to include the network by July 19.

If you need assistance getting this set up or confirming that you have set it up correctly, contact UMnet at or (734) 647-4200.

ITS provides comprehensive information about IP block assignments on the Network Addresses website.

OpenAFS client for Windows no longer available in CAEN Labs

The OpenAFS client for Windows will no longer be included as part of the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) beginning in the Fall 2017. Usage of the AFS service (a.k.a. the “H:” drive) has been steadily declining for several years, and after reviewing the usage statics form the last academic year, we believe the software should be retired. College of Engineering students will continue to receive a 50 Gigabyte Windows-based home directory (a.k.a. the “N:” drive); that is not affected by this change. This space is also accessible from the CAEN Linux hosts. Other storage services, such as U-M Box and U-M Google Drive, will also continue to be available from the Kumo Client, and may be a useful alternative.

Students will still be able to access their U-M AFS space by connecting to MFile:

Accessing U-M AFS as the home directory on the CLSE Linux environment will not change.

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