Dedicated whiteboard cameras installed in Engineering classrooms during the Fall 2021 term

Prior to the Fall 2021 term, CAEN began installing capture cameras in College of Engineering classrooms specifically for recording what an instructor writes on the room’s whiteboard. These dedicated cameras provide better visibility for what is written on the whiteboard, as zooming in with the regular lecture capture instructor camera can make it unreadable.

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Audience participation microphones being installed in most classrooms for Fall 2021

In order to address the need to pick up and record the audio from audience questions or responses, CAEN is installing static, room-wide audience microphones in most College of Engineering classrooms. These microphones are automatically fed through the room’s audio system, including the Lecture Capture Service and the Zoom Live Streaming PC, where Continue Reading »

Classrooms available as self-service recording studios in Winter 2021

In response to the need for faculty to stream and record their lectures for students learning remotely, the College has designated several classrooms as reservable self-service studios.

Instructors may schedule these rooms to stream their lectures via Zoom, while also taking advantage of the built-in CAEN Lecture Capture service:

  • CSRB 2236
  • CSRB 2238
  • Cooley
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