Connect to large, on-campus displays with your personal laptop

Collaborative Computer Stations: A number of CAEN computer labs provide collaborative stations, offering a spacious workspace situated around a computer with a large LED display, and connections for personal devices. The Duderstadt Center also offers similar “VizHub” stations, with displays up to 85”. Many of these stations may be reserved by students for limited Continue Reading »

Eligibility for Microsoft Windows on personal computers

Per the University’s Microsoft Software Campus Agreement, the eligibility for access to Windows are different depending on one’s role at U-M. Students still have access to download Microsoft Windows Education edition on their personal computers at no cost, however, faculty and staff must purchase Windows for use on personally-owned computers. Departments maintain access to Continue Reading »

Grapescope Tool Assists Instructors with Grading Exams and Assignments

Gradescope is an exam and assignment tool that supports several grading features including integration into Canvas and the Gradescope app for instructors and students. The College of Engineering has licensed Gradescope for all faculty in the College to use for their courses.


Instructors may find these features useful:

  • Upload scanned paper exams to allow
Continue Reading »