Classrooms available as reservable self-service studios for faculty in Fall 2020

In response to the need for faculty to stream and record their lectures for students learning remotely, the College has designated several classrooms as reservable self-service studios. Instructors will be able to schedule these rooms to stream their lectures while also taking advantage of the built-in CAEN Lecture Capture service:

  • CSRB 2236
  • CSRB 2238
  • Cooley
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New social distancing capacity guidelines available for classrooms and CAEN computer labs

In response to the need for social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the College of Engineering has provided some guidelines for maximum capacity when using Engineering classrooms and CAEN computer labs. These new capacity numbers will be enforced for regularly scheduled courses or other room reservations, and should be observed during open/drop-in hours Continue Reading »

Flexible Learning Spaces now available in some College classrooms

Some College of Engineering classrooms, including two CAEN computer labs, are now equipped as flexible learning spaces through the use of highly flexible furniture and integrated technology. These classrooms can be reconfigured for multiple uses, such as lecture-style teaching, allowing students to collaborate and work together in groups, and engaging in a whole-class discussion. Many Continue Reading »

Chesebrough Auditorium screen sizes and configurations explained

Last year Chesebrough Auditorium gained some new flexibility in the way the projectors work, allowing several different projected image sizes and locations. Some of the available options are listed below, including information on how to select them using the room’s touch panel (located on the lectern).

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