OpenAFS client for Windows no longer available in CAEN Labs

The OpenAFS client for Windows will no longer be included as part of the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) beginning in the Fall 2017. Usage of the AFS service (a.k.a. the “H:” drive) has been steadily declining for several years, and after reviewing the usage statics form the last academic year, we believe the software should be retired. College of Engineering students will continue to receive a 50 Gigabyte Windows-based home directory (a.k.a. the “N:” drive); that is not affected by this change. This space is also accessible from the CAEN Linux hosts. Other storage services, such as U-M Box and U-M Google Drive, will also continue to be available from the Kumo Client, and may be a useful alternative.

Students will still be able to access their U-M AFS space by connecting to MFile:

Accessing U-M AFS as the home directory on the CLSE Linux environment will not change.

CAEN Labs Upgrading to Microsoft Windows 10 for Fall 2016

The CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) will be upgraded to Microsoft Windows 10 for the Fall 2016 term. The change will improve the performance of our software on-demand environment, better support newer computer hardware being released, and provide a similar operating system that students have on their personal computers today.

CAEN will continue to deploy dual-boot computers with both Microsoft Windows and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) in the CAEN computer labs. RHEL will be upgraded from 7.2 to 7.3, which is an incremental update with only minor changes to the environment.

This “Release Notes” web page has been created to post the updates and additions related to the CLSE changes. The availability and locations of test workstations will also be listed on this page.

In addition, CAEN has created two Google Sheets that list the version and deployment status for each software title planned to be included in the CLSE for the upcoming academic year:

If a course requires a version of an application that is not shown in the above documents, instructors may complete the request form.