Changes to the CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE)

Over the summer, CAEN upgraded all the computers in the Duderstadt Center, CAEN computer labs, and the remote access services to new versions of Microsoft Windows 10 1809 Enterprise and Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.7.

All CLSE systems remain dual-boot Windows and Linux for 2019.

Changes to the CLSE for Microsoft Windows 10 include:

  • Logon times have been improved.
  • Many software titles used for coursework have been upgraded to the latest version with the newest features.
  • Microsoft Office 2016 applications are now available via the AppsAnywhere software portal.
  • The Microsoft Store application has been enabled, giving students access to the full catalog of applications available in the Microsoft Windows Store.
  • The Windows Subsystem for Linux is available, and an array of Linux distributions can be installed into user space via the Windows Store.
  • Windows Mixed Reality, which uses the Hololens platform, is now available.