Equipment Checkout Service available to CoE students, faculty, & staff

“CAEN Chromebook”

Starting Monday, January 21, an equipment checkout service will be available to College of Engineering students, faculty, and staff. The program is administered by CAEN, and checkout will be performed at the Library Reserves Desk on the second floor of the Duderstadt Center. Chromebooks will be available for checkout by requesting a “CAEN Chromebook.” Possible future equipment includes presentation remotes, portable document cameras, microphones, assisted listening devices, USB web cameras, and VR headsets. The type and quantities of equipment may vary over time.

Refer to our Equipment Checkout Service web page for updates on the types of equipment that may be checked out, and maximum checkout duration.


Student CoE Supplemental Printing Allocation set at $16 for Fall 2018

ITS Printer

Eligible student CAEN Account holders will receive a $16 College of Engineering (CoE) supplemental printing allocation per term for the upcoming academic year. This is a $14 reduction from last year, and is part of a four-year effort to end the CoE supplemental printing allocation by Fall 2020. Note that the standard student ITS printing allocation will remain unchanged at $24 per term.

This change is being made to address historical trends, recognizing that students are printing less each year, along with being mindful to global environmental sustainability. Statistics show that over 50% of Engineering students do not exceed the standard ITS printing allocation. Funds realized from this change will be reinvested into future improvements for CoE classrooms and CAEN computer labs.


The CAEN Hotline is now the “CAEN Help Desk” with a new walk-up location

Starting September 4, 2018, The CAEN Hotline will be renamed as the CAEN Help Desk, and will be located on the second floor of the Duderstadt Center on the left side of the U-M Library Reserves Desk. In addition, the new CAEN Help Desk will have these updated hours of operation:

Walk-up hours: Monday – Friday, 10:00 a.m – 2:00 p.m. & 4:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Phone & Live-Chat hours: Monday – Friday, 8:20 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

CAEN Help Desk consultants can also be contacted via email at

Visit the main CAEN Help Desk web page for further information.


College has set supplemental printing allocation for Fall 2014

The College of Engineering supplemental printing allocation is now set for the Fall 2014 term. In addition, ITS is introducing changes to the campus printing environment. The end result is that students will notice some changes and new features when they use the printers in CAEN’s student computer labs and in ITS Sites labs.

New this year is that printing quotas are now represented as a dollar amount instead of as a number of impressions (pages). ITS will continue to give each student their base printing allocation of $24, which is the equivalent of 400 black and white impressions at the current rate. The College of Engineering supplements the ITS base printing allocation for eligible students with a supplemental printing allocation of $40, which is the equivalent of 666 black and white impressions. The supplemental amount is determined by the College of Engineering Administration.

Also new this year is the ability to use the printing allocation for printing in your choice of black and white, color, tabloid, or poster. Rates for these types of printing can be found at the ITS website:

Lastly, students now have the flexibility to print and then pick up the print job at the printer that they wish to. The feature is referred to as “follow me” printing (click here for more information). Students are only charged for pages that physically come out of a printer.