New study space provides quiet, inclusive, accessible area for all students

A redesigned study space is now open in the Bob and Betty Beyster Building. This “quieter” space is intended to be an inclusive and accessible learning environment for students, and aims to limit distractions and provide an excellent environment for focus, designed with neurodiversity in mind.

Located in room 1695, this space is fitted with available seating options to encourage focused individual and small-group work. Options include small booths, hexagon-shaped individual workspaces, acoustic lounge chairs, and privacy pods.

Features of the new study space include:

  • wheelchair accessible furnishings throughout
  • sound masking zones and furniture with sound absorbing features to support quiet study
  • climate control features (auto-sensing window shades, dimmable LED light fixtures, and temperature and humidity monitors) to help create a subdued and comfortable atmosphere
  • welcoming environment for all users, regardless if they have a disability or not
  • distraction-free environment designed to encourage focus
  • supportive workspace configurations that can accommodate a maximum capacity of 35 people

View original article by Ashley Wefel, for Michigan Engineering News

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