Optimizing remote access connections to CAEN computers

When connecting to one of CAEN’s remote access services, such as the Windows Remote Desktop Service and the Linux Login Service, there are some simple steps you can take to improve your remote computing experience:

  • Do not use the campus VPN service while connecting remotely. The VPN is not required to use these remote access services, and doing so could cause additional connection problems when on a slow network.
  • When possible and to ensure a more stable connection, use wired Ethernet as opposed to connecting over a Wi-Fi network.
  • When your computer power is plugged in, adjust your power management settings appropriately to prevent it from going into Sleep or Hibernate mode. These modes can cause your session to disconnect. This is also true for laptops when closing the lid, if the settings are configured for it to enter one of these modes automatically.
  • Specifically for the Windows Remote Desktop Service, make sure to use the VMware Horizon Client to connect. The VMware Horizon Client provides the best performance and widest array of features, especially when working with graphics-intensive apps. The option to connect via a web browser is provided for convenience, but the VMware Horizon Client is strongly recommended whenever available.