New Extended Reality (XR) capabilities

This Fall, CAEN will introduce Extended Reality (XR) tools for student, faculty and staff use. At the Duderstadt Center Visualization Lab, and other select classrooms and CAEN labs, XR capable hardware is being installed to allow exploration of the technology.

XR standards, software environments, and integration into courses are still emerging. Individual students and student project teams are encouraged to explore XR features and capabilities in the following software packages:

  • Unreal Engine, Unity, and 3ds Max Interactive for visualization, content and game creation
  • Siemens STAR-CCM+ and NX for fluid simulation and product design
  • PTC Creo for product design and visualization using Augmented Reality on personal devices
  • Windows Mixed Reality

In addition, students can now check out HTC Vive Pro Wireless, HP Reverb, or Oculus Quest headsets from the Duderstadt Center library. Students can also bring their own XR capable headsets and hardware.