Moves and changes to CAEN computer labs

EECS 1230 has been moved to EECS 2420

In order to create a new first floor classroom in the EECS Atrium, the CAEN Lab formerly located in EECS 1230 has been relocated to EECS 2420.

The new EECS 2420 CAEN Lab has received a complete renovation with all new carpet, paint, furniture, and computers. In addition to traditional lab seating for access to computers, it offers two reservable student team collaboration areas, as well as lounge seating.

CSRB 2230

The CAEN Lab in CSRB 2230 has been completely and totally renovated.

The renovation included the removal of the raised floor, new carpet and paint, a new instructor’s station at the front of the room, and several large flat panel monitors on the side walls. This lab is one of many that continue to be upgraded and renovated each year.