Gradescope to end support for Essay/Report assignment type in June 2022

After consideration and feedback from the community, Gradescope has determined they will be discontinuing the Essay/Report assignment type as of June 30, 2022. Although Gradescope will not continue to develop or support the Essay/Report assignment type, some of the functionality will still be available for other assignment types. Specifically:

  • Text annotations – Instructors can reuse text annotations on the submission and associate those comments with the rubric on all assignment types.
  • Rubric before submission – Gradescope plans to release the functionality to create a rubric before any submissions have been uploaded in the coming months. This will be available for all assignment types.
  • Grid rubric – The grid rubric view is still in beta, but Gradescope will enable it for anyone who wishes to try it with other assignment types. Instructors can email to request access.

If instructors have any existing courses in their Gradescope account that use the Essay/Report assignment type, they will still be able to create new Essay/Report assignments in those courses until June 30, 2022. After this date, the functionality will be disabled, but they will not lose access to the existing Essay/Report assignments in their account.