Classrooms available as reservable self-service studios for faculty

In response to the need for faculty to stream and record their lectures for students learning remotely during the pandemic, the College has designated several classrooms as reservable self-service studios. Instructors will be able to schedule these rooms to stream their lectures while also taking advantage of the built-in CAEN Lecture Capture service:

  • CSRB 2236
  • CSRB 2238
  • Cooley 2918
  • EECS 1008
  • EECS 1012
  • Dow 1006
  • Dow 1018
  • EWRE 104
  • EWRE 136

In addition to the features of the regular College of Engineering classrooms, these rooms have been updated with enhanced lighting, 22” Cintiq tablets, along with a dedicated Windows PC. These rooms also have additional 55” displays for viewing shared content and remote participants.

Rooms can be reserved by contacting [email protected], or your department’s classroom scheduler. If recording is needed, faculty should also make sure to fill out the Lecture Recording Site Request form.

For general information on classroom scheduling, refer to the College’s Undergraduate Office of the Registrar page.