New IP address block for MWireless going live July 12, 2017

Due to the continued growth of Wi-Fi across U-M, ITS is adding a= new block of IP address space ( to the MWireless network. The addition of new IP address space will help ensure the availability of MWireless across campus as use of Wi-Fi continues to grow.

On July 12, ITS will be implementing the network as part of the MWireless service. First phase of the implementation is to enable the new network within ITS MWireless networks.

On July 19, the second and final phase is to make the network available to the greater MWireless service. For those who may be filtering access to resources by IP addresses used by MWireless, you will need to include the network by July 19.

If you need assistance getting this set up or confirming that you have set it up correctly, contact UMnet at [email protected] or (734) 647-4200.

ITS provides comprehensive information about IP block assignments on the Network Addresses website.