Gradescope & Piazza training sessions

The College of Engineering and LSA along with Gradescope and Piazza have teamed up to offer faculty some training sessions for their respective software.

Gradescope allows you, as an instructor, to create, administer, and grade both low stakes and high stakes assessments. Using Gradescope you can administer assessments both online and via bubble sheets. Instructors will be able to use either shared or distributed rubrics to grade each question that was administered, this can be done across multiple course sections or courses. For instructors that choose to use bubble sheets for their assessments, students can submit hand drawings or written equations for their answers. Once completed and scored, you will have access to a full range of statistics for your assessments.

Piazza is a discussion board program that will allow you, as an instructor, to pose discussion topics to your students. Students will be able to reply not only to the original prompt but also to each other. Students will also be able to reply to these posts both anonymously and non anonymously.

Dates and times for each Zoom session are listed below, registration is required using the links:



If you have any additional questions please contact the CAEN Help Desk ([email protected])