GFL 224 facility re-opened

GFL 224 has re-opened as both a College of Engineering 50-seat flexible classroom and a CAEN collaborative-style lab. The 12 collaborative stations can be used when the facility is not reserved for classroom use.

The CAEN lab in GFL 224 originally opened a number of years ago to primarily provide a location for the Mechanical Engineering (ME) department to teach several of their design courses in a computer lab setting. When it wasn’t reserved for classroom use, it was available as a traditional CAEN lab and the computers were set up in an individual-oriented seating style. The ME design courses were then moved from GFL 224 to the recently renovated G.G. Brown building in the Fall. Once that happened, the College Administration reviewed the function of GFL 224 and the facility was changed to what it is today to better serve the College needs.

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