Flexible Learning Spaces now available in some College classrooms

Some College of Engineering classrooms, including two CAEN computer labs, are now equipped as flexible learning spaces through the use of highly flexible furniture and integrated technology. These classrooms can be reconfigured for multiple uses, such as lecture-style teaching, allowing students to collaborate and work together in groups, and engaging in a whole-class discussion. Many rooms also have wall-mounted monitors that can be used to display content from the instructor lectern, or individual student laptop connections at each station.

Classroom Capacity Movable Furniture Movable Whiteboards Perimeter Whiteboards Wall-mounted Monitors
Chrysler 133 84
Dow 2150 62
EECS 4440 35 (w/CAEN computers)
FXB 1008 60
FXB 1032 25
GFL 224 48 (w/CAEN computers)
G.G. Brown 1025 24
G.G. Brown 1045 24
G.G. Brown 2147 56
G.G. Brown 2153 56