Lecture Recording for LEC sections automatically being set up

By default, the College automatically records all LEC sections for CoE courses. This means instructors can choose to deliver their lecture in the normal location and time, and they will have the option of sharing the recordings with students for on-demand viewing. If an instructor is teaching in the fall, and would like to have their LEC class excluded from the in-classroom lecture recording system or enable auto publishing, please fill out this form by noon Friday, August 26, 2022 to ensure that no classes get recorded. Instructors can disable or enable recordings at any time by following this help article. This change will not impact the use of Zoom for in-classroom streaming or recording of events. If you have previously requested that we do not record your lectures we will retain this setting from term to term and you would receive an email confirming that choice.

These sites will be set up with sharing turned off (autopost off). This means instructors will have to manually publish each recording for them to be viewable by their students. There are many options for publishing lectures:

Research shows that students use the recordings to update and improve their class notes as well as study for exams. Further, lecture recordings support inclusive and equitable teaching practices by offering flexibility and access for students. Please provide explicit guidelines to students about how best to use lecture recordings to support their learning. See this CRLT blog post for more details and suggestions.