Windows Remote Desktop Service upgraded for faster graphics

The CAEN Windows Remote Desktop Service has been upgraded to support virtualized GPUs (graphics processing units). This enables software applications that are graphically intensive (e.g. CAD, 3D Visualization…) to run faster by making use of graphics hardware located on the server.

Different host pool names are available depending on whether you are connecting from on-campus or off-campus, and also whether or not you are using them for course-related purposes. The list of available pool names can be found on this CAEN web page.

At this time, only pool names with “On Campus” in the name will be able to take advantage of this graphics upgrade due to the network bandwidth needed to provide a connection. Off campus connections continue to work as before, but will not be able to take advantage of the virtualized GPU.

NOTE: If you have configured the VMware Horizon View client prior to this term, you will need to reconfigure it. In particular, the connection server has changed names to (previously it was Full instructions for configuring your personal device with the VMware Horizon View client can be found at this CAEN web page. Additional FAQs are also available in the CAEN Knowledge Base.