Newly renovated computer lab in GFL 224 reopening

The CAEN lab in the Gorguze Family Laboratory (GFL) room 224 reopened on Friday, December 2. This student computer lab has been closed since July 2016 to undergo room and technology renovations, and features a new layout geared toward College of Engineering (CoE) group-based learning and instruction.

CAEN partnered with Cindy Finelli, Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and a Engineering Education Research faculty member to design the space. Now complete, the lab represents CAEN’s first generation of a hybrid CoE classroom / CAEN collaborative lab design. As a reservable CoE classroom, the furniture can be reconfigured to accommodate a variety of classroom teaching styles and a common A/V projection across all the monitors. As a CAEN collaborative lab, the furniture accommodates variable student group sizes, with groups controlling their individual monitor and A/V projection. Each monitor also has a built-in computer running the CAEN Lab Software Environment.

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