Canvas New Quizzes migration timeline announced

The timeline for the migration from “Classic Quizzes” to “New Quizzes” in Canvas has been announced. Further updates on this transition is available on the main ITS New Quizzes Migration Project page.

Transitioning from Classic to New Quizzes

Information and Technology Services (ITS) has made New Quizzes more readily available within U-M Canvas. Faculty, instructors, and staff who use Classic Quizzes now have the option to select between using New and Classic Quizzes. This change comes after the announcement by Instructure (makers of Canvas) that New Quizzes will become the main quizzing engine within Canvas after Classic Quizzes is retired. The current timeline for the retirement of Classic Quizzes is listed below:

Classic Quizzes Sunset Timeline
May 2023: The last date to create Classic Quizzes, but individuals will still have access to edit and share.
June 2024: New Quizzes will replace Classic Quizzes

A roadmap describing the timeline of Canvas quiz migration
Fall 2021*Spring 2022*Spring 2023*Summer 2024*
New QuizzesPresented as an option each time a quiz is created

Bulk migration tool in beta
Bulk migration tool expected in production

Public APIs available in GraphQL
Only New Quizzes can be created beginning May 2023Deadline to migrate all Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes
Classic QuizzesPresented as an option each time a quiz is createdProcess begins for migrating Classic Quizzes to New Quizzes using migration toolContinued to be migrated using migration tool

Editing and adjustments to moderation allowed
Classic Quizzes retained in the database

Access to Classic Quizzes removed from Canvas
*Milestones are based on the seasonal calendar, not the academic term calendar

As this is a significant change to Canvas, ITS and CAEN want to keep the University community informed, and ensure a seamless migration experience. Visit Transparency into Quizzes Planning on the Canvas website to see what and when additional improvements are planned for New Quizzes. 

New Quizzes Innovations

The addition of New Quizzes in Canvas brings several new features, including the ability to:

Getting Started with New Quizzes

Faculty, instructors, and staff have a choice between New Quizzes and Classic Quizzes each time they create a quiz in Canvas.

Note: Classic Quizzes and New Quizzes currently do not have exact parity. The Getting Started with New Quizzes page highlights the features that are not yet available in New Quizzes, but will be added by Instructure as the migration progresses.

Questions or Concerns?

For more information on the U-M transition to New Quizzes in Canvas, refer to the ITS New Quizzes Migration Project page. You can also reach out to the ITS Service Center, or contact the College of Engineering Unit Ambassadors:

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  • Jamie Schrader (
  • Nicole Heffernan (