Lecture Rewind: Assistive technology tool for students is being piloted this Fall

CAEN is developing a new assistive technology feature called Lecture Rewind that will be available for you to pilot in your course in Fall 2022.

Lecture Rewind allows students enrolled in your course to follow the slide/whiteboard content via a browser on their personal device. This can offer a better view of what is being presented in the room and allow the students to magnify content. As an additional feature, the students can independently control the content being viewed on their personal device (projector content – slides or document camera, whiteboard) and rewind to see material that has been presented during that class period.

Lecture Rewind requires the class to have lecture recording enabled (publishing content is not required) and the feature has to be enabled by the instructor. In addition, it is accessible only to students who are enrolled in the course and during the planned course time. You can enable this tool in your site settings by checking the Allow Lecture Rewind checkbox, and then clicking Save.

Note that Lecture Rewind does not play back audio. It is best used when present in the room, though can be used while attending class remotely via Zoom.

Lecture Rewind is accessible via this link: https://leccap.engin.umich.edu/leccap/rewind.

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