Issues with Windows applications and AFS Personal Storage

When using Windows computers in CAEN Labs or ITS Sites, students are encouraged to store their class work and other files in their CAEN Windows Home Directory instead of ITS AFS Personal Storage, M+Box, or M+Google Drive. With M+Box and M+Google Drive, students are constrained to copying files back and forth to local temporary storage on the computer in order to use them with software applications. ITS AFS Personal Storage will not work with Application Jukebox until AFS is manually mounted on the CAEN Windows lab computer.

Until now, manually mounting AFS meant running the “Fix H,K Drive (IFS) Issues” icon on the Desktop before attempting to use the H: drive. Before doing this, the H: drive was not accessible by applications launched via Application Jukebox.

Starting with the Winter 2016 term, students will be prompted for their password a second time during the login process. While this extra prompt may seem annoying, it is necessary in order to automatically fix the above problem and prevent students from being forced to manually run the “Fix H,K Drive (IFS) Issues” icon.