Improved experience for Engineering students using ITS Sites computers

CAEN has worked with ITS on changes to ITS Sites lab computers that provide an experience more consistent with what Engineering students see in CAEN Labs. Improvements include:

  • Mounting of CAEN Windows home directories
  • Desktop and Documents folders that follow students and are linked to their CAEN Windows home directory
  • Ability to launch Engineering applications with Application Jukebox (in Angell Hall only) beginning Friday, January 29

In the past, ITS Sites Windows computers made it challenging to access CAEN Windows home directories. ITS Sites computers will now automatically mount CAEN Windows home directories to the familiar N: drive, and will also automatically redirect Desktop and Documents folders to CAEN Windows home directories, similar to computers in CAEN Labs.

In addition, Application Jukebox will be available on all ITS and CAEN computers in the Angell Hall computing site, which has approximately 160 computers. Not all of the CAEN-licensed engineering software applications will be available initially, however software applications will be added as soon as they are successfully tested on ITS hardware. Software applications should run the same way on ITS Sites computers as they do in CAEN Labs, but there are some differences between ITS and CAEN computers that will affect this experience.