Gradescope tool assists instructors with grading exams and assignments

Gradescope is an exam and assignment tool that supports several grading features including integration into Canvas and the Gradescope app for instructors and students. The College of Engineering has licensed Gradescope for all faculty in the College to use for their courses.


Instructors may find these features useful:

  • Upload scanned paper exams to allow for online  grading 
  • Edit grading rubrics on the fly; changes are retroactive to tests/assignments already graded
  • Arrange grading workflows to your preference (e.g. grade every student’s question 3 before moving on to question 4)

Instructional Uses

Upload and Grade Paper Exams

If you use paper exams, these can be scanned to PDF on any campus printer and the batch file will be emailed to your Gradescope account. Gradescope will then use the template of a blank exam paper you upload to process the completed exams into digital format, to be graded and returned online.

Return Graded Papers Digitally

Even if you do not use Gradescope’s online grading capabilities, you can still use it to electronically return graded paper tests and workbooks (assignments).

Anonymous Grading

Anonymous grading masks any identifiable student personal information (name, email address, and student ID) from appearing anywhere within the assignment workflow, including while grading student submissions. 

If at any point you identify a problem with a submission, you can turn this off on the assignment settings page to reveal the student’s name. This will remove anonymity for all students within the assignment.

Grade with a Team

If more than one person grades your exams or assignments, Gradescope allows you to divide up the work either by sections or by particular portions of the exam (e.g. questions 5-10). 

Flexible Rubrics

If you often find yourself wanting to edit a grading rubric during the grading process, Gradescope will allow you to do this. (Canvas will not.) Changes to the rubric apply retroactively to already-scored tests or assignments.

Getting Started

If you have never used Gradescope before, you may wish to look at Gradescope’s very comprehensive Getting Started guide. Gradescope is already integrated into Canvas.

Getting Help

If you’d like to discuss how best to use Gradescope in your courses, please feel free to contact [email protected].

If you have technical issues with Gradescope, please email [email protected] directly.