Discover Makerspaces and Machines with the Mobius Web Portal

Mobius* is a mobile-friendly, web-based portal that helps students, facility managers, faculty, and staff find the tools they need, and how to access the makerspaces that are available to them. Mobius is available to all members of the U-M community.

Designed by MIT, Mobius helps members of the Make Impact Consortium navigate the vast array of resources used to make, measure, and innovate on their campuses. Users can search the Mobius database of resources at U-M (as well as at other member institutions including MIT and the University of Indiana) using criteria such as:

  • Materials you need to work with
  • Machine type
  • Machine capabilities

The Mobius database provides machine and shop details including location, status, and contact information.

* Note: The Mobius web portal may default to MIT as the selected organization. A fix is being investigated, but visitors can select U-M by clicking the Clear all filters button, selecting University of Michigan under the Organizations selection, and then log in.