Chesebrough Auditorium screen sizes and configurations explained

Last year Chesebrough Auditorium gained some new flexibility in the way the projectors work, allowing several different projected image sizes and locations. Some of the available options are listed below, including information on how to select them using the room’s touch panel (located on the lectern).

Want to show two sources?

Chesebrough Auditorium is capable of displaying two different sources on the projection screens at the same time. For example, you might have your laptop with PowerPoint presentation on one display, and your written notes on the document camera shown on the other. To do this, select the two sources you wish to use on the touch panel, one from the Main Screen column, and the other from Screen 2:

This will bring down the large screen, and the two sources will appear side by side as seen below:

Showing only one source?

If you only need to show one source, you can choose between two sizes/locations: large and centered, or medium-sized and offset to one side.

Large and centered

If you are not using the whiteboard, this will give the largest and most readable display for all students. The trick is to make sure the Main Screen (small) is turned Off, and select your desired source from the Screen 2 (large) column:

The large screen should come down, and your image will take up the space as shown below:

Medium-sized and offset to one side

If you are using the whiteboard, or prefer the projected image to be smaller, you can instead make sure Screen 2 (large) is turned Off, and select your source from the Main Screen (small) column:

The smaller screen will come down, and your image will appear as below:

If you have any questions about the A/V system in Chesebrough Auditorium or any of the other college classrooms, contact CAEN anytime at [email protected].