Changes to CAEN Linux Login Service on January 3, 2014

CAEN is announcing two important changes related to the CAEN Linux Login Service.

The Linux login service provided network access to the same Linux environment, including commercial engineering applications, that is available in CAEN’s student computing labs.

On January 3, 2014 CAEN will:

  • Remove several of the commercial engineering applications from (and in order to be compatible with network access restrictions in their licenses.
  • Create a new Linux login service, called, that will provide access to the student computing lab software environment including the titles that are being removed from but with access that is restricted to on-campus locations.

The list of applications that will be removed from includes:

  • icfb, virtuoso, Spectre, Encounter, ncverilog, and other Cadence tools
  • Design Compiler, VCS, HSPICE, Sentaurus and other Synopsys tools
  • Fluent, ANSYS, ICEM-CFD, and other Ansys tools
  • HFSS, Maxwell, Designer, QE3D, and other Ansys EM tools (formerly Ansoft)
  • Adams, Dytran, Marc, Nastran, Patran, SimDesigner and other MSC tools

Attempts at running any of the removed applications on after January 3 will produce an informative error message.

If you use the CAEN VNC client to access the CAEN Linux Login service, you should update your client to the latest version to facilitate the use of the name See the CAEN Knowledge Base.

All of the software applications licensed by CAEN will continue to be available in CAEN student computing labs.

Information about general access to remote CAEN Lab Services can be found at If you have any questions regarding this change please contact the CAEN Hotline.