Change to faculty & staff unofficial email list system

On Wednesday, December 17, a change will be made to the system used to maintain and moderate the College of Engineering faculty and staff email lists, specifically [email protected] and [email protected]. The requirements for sending to the unofficial email lists will not change, but senders of messages to these lists will see some differences in how messages are distributed.

  • Senders will receive an automated message from the system that their message was received, and is in the queue awaiting moderation by CAEN staff. Moderators will contact the sender if the message is denied for not meeting the sending requirements.
  • Senders who use M+Google Mail that are also a member of the list to which they are sending may not receive a copy of the message in their Inbox once it is approved by the moderators. More information on this can be found at the Gmail Help website.

Information on the College of Engineering moderated email lists can be found on the CAEN website.