Change to CAEN Linux systems for Fall 2015

The CAEN Lab Software Environment (CLSE) for Linux available in computer labs and theĀ Linux login service will be upgraded to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 starting July 20, and continuing until the start of the Fall 2015 term. As a result, the previous GNOME user interface will be replaced with the newer Cinnamon Desktop. This change will affect everyone who logs into a CAEN-managed Linux system.

Users of the CLSE for Linux will notice some differences between the two interfaces, including new system menus and icons, and file navigation windows. The organization of application menus may also differ as new and updated versions of software are added, and older or deprecated versions of software are removed. One notable change for Fall 2015 is that Google Chrome will be available and supported in RHEL 7.

Instructors of courses that use the CLSE for Linux may need to update the course materials they provide their students to reflect the change to RHEL 7. We also recommend that instructors validate their course materials by testing them on RHEL 7.

CAEN can assist instructors in creating updating course materials. Instructors who require assistance should contact CAEN to provide a copy of the course materials in question, and a CAEN consultant will be able to assist.

The CAEN Knowledge Base will be updated with new information on this change as it becomes available.