Classroom Apple TVs updated to connect via MWireless

The wireless presentation capability has been updated in the classrooms to now work using MWireless to connect. The previous system that required connecting to CAEN-Presenter is no longer available.

Faculty instructors using an Apple device (laptop, iPad, iPhone) can connect directly to an Apple TV. No need for additional software or special wifi networks – just connect to either MWireless or MGuest as you normally would. (If you were joining the CAEN-Presenter network previously, this step is no longer necessary.)

Instructors using a Windows PC (or other non-Apple device) can also connect to an Apple TV (and without joining a special network), but will need to install and launch the AirParrot application first. Contact a CAEN consultant to request an AirParrot license in advance.

Wired connections are still available by plugging a device into the HDMI cable on the lectern.

For questions about equipment in classrooms and how to connect, see Connecting to a Projector/Display.